How to get your South African ID Book with your Permanent Residence Permit

How to get your South African ID Book with your Permanent Residence Permit

You’re almost there. It feels good doesn’t it. When you get your Permanent Residence Permit you have 6 months to apply for your South African ID Book ( similar to an ID Card ) and it will take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months to come out.

The followings are documents you will need to apply for an SA ID Book:

  • Your Permanent Residency Certificate along with it’s verified copy (this copy comes with your PR certificate)
  • Your original passport.
  • 2 ID sized photos.
  • Your original birth certificate with a certified copy.
  • You original marriage/divorce/death certificate for any current and/or previous marriages and a certified copy each of the documents along with translations.
  • The addresses of every place you have ever lived at since birth. You will need this when filling in the application form.

You can visit any Home Affairs branch to submit your application and finally take a deep breath and whisper…

It’s DONE!

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1 year ago

Hi there
I been love in SA more than 20 years final I have a PR ,I went to apply for ID it is takes almost 2years.
What can I do about it?
Must I reply again?
Thank you

1 year ago

cape Town

4 years ago

I have SAQA NQF 9 and credit 120 and I Am registered in IITPSA and I got professional body skills certificate with 3 years work experience.I have permanent job offer.Can I apply for permanent residency?

jignesh panchal
jignesh panchal
4 years ago

Hello dear sir/madam

i have been last 9 years living in South Africa …it was 5 years work permit after now i have intra transfer visa…i have to apply for PR so can you please suggest me what shoud have to do ? and what documents required?


5 years ago

[…] call from VFS to tell you that your permit is ready for collection. Now you just have to deal with getting a South African ID and converting your Driver’s License. Keep an eye out for articles on how to do this […]

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